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jul1et ([personal profile] jul1et) wrote2007-09-25 07:46 pm


well the small army was smaller than expected, one of the promised people went awol so I have dumped him in a huge pile of sh*t as he was neither with me nor where he was working before - obviously decided to take the afternoon off and the step ahead agency are struggling to find me anyone with basic pc skills.

So with that old addage in mind "if you want something done properly do it yourself", I turn to you dear reader for help.

Do you know of anyone who is available for work like RIGHT NOW, based in London willing to temp for circa three weeks *possibly longer* with plenty of overtime thrown in for good measure.

Key attributes include not having a student visa or other visa issues, good command of the english language, basic PC knowledge, willingness to slog their guts out for not a huge amount of money - it pays £6.25 an hour , a brain and a pulse - think I have it all covered :D anyone who is able I can pass our HR details onto - there is a small matter of an interview but if the bulgarians got past that stage then there's really nothing to worry about :P
I'm going to leave this post unlocked until friday in case you want to point people at this to comment at which point I can let anyone who comments know more about the job in hand.

Ideally I need between 5 and 10 people depending on how many the agency manage to find.

edited to add - the work is mainly filing and data entry

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