My Karma Ran Over My Dogma

Sep. 23rd, 2017 10:58 am
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In the year of my death,
You had croup and your mother
Made the last priest in Troy pray for your lungs.
I had left you both then
In a cave on a mountainside
While my treasure ships rolled heavy
And a knife waited at home.

In the year of my death
Carcassonne; that was interesting.
You mowed me down, of course,
Screaming about heretics
I recalled knowledge of swords
Before I had a womb
But all I had time to do was scream back.

In the year of my death,
The good ship De Montfort: I counted you in
Chained profit, somehow with diptheria
Which killed you all and lost me my deposit.
Landed in Liverpool with sweet nothing
But a blade some strumpet turned on me
Yelling I had abandoned her.

In the year of my death
Hamburg: I was a doctor
A pulmonary specialist with a patient
When I heard the humming overhead
You reached my home, I never did again.
Oh, I didn't know you then
But I knew your work.

In the year of my death
I break the mad wheel,
Bored with this, and as for you,
You must be sick of me!
I pick the tree to root around my bones
And sweep the air so that a world
Of strangers and you wake, forget me, breathe.

A long time

Sep. 15th, 2017 05:58 pm
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I can't like this page as much as LJ, it just doesn't feel right.

And I have been so busy! Arranging the hen party, Rome, Bruges, France, Spain and now Turkey. I am beginning to wonder if my life's angel is showing me gorgeous places in case it's time to go...

Turkey was wonderful. I need to go there again, and find those underground cities. Oh but my dreams were strange... Dad striding into my room, angry with me for not telling him about the attack and supposedly stealing some necklace in vengeance, a dream in which I found one of my cats tormented by the far right and rescued it, another dream with me murdering someone and getting away with it, so cleverly that even the person implicated by my machinations couldn't be harmed; Smokingboot as The Talented Mr Ripley.

I am not at rest at all.


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