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so I am donning my groovey mask, and I shall commence the spray of evil flea death.

Then I shall scarper and hightail it to cally road to pick up [livejournal.com profile] gekkouchan and we shall shop
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One of my friends at work has decided to start selling his artwork which is nifty timing seeing as he was made redundant on Monday. The web site thus far is a little ropey, and the quality of photographs not as good as it could be but given that his wife did it for him as a surprise, it's not too bad. I assume it will get a complete make over in the not too distant future, but for now, take a gander...


He's a talented chappie!
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I have managed to tip a large quantity of wax over my suede work skirt

Melon farmers

Is there any substance other than brown paper that will remove it? Will greaseproof paper work?

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weekends off while they lasted were fun (all two of them)...........looks like we're back to the grindstone til mid october.

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ok - recomendations needed for removal of fleas which will not cause S to have a violent asthmatic reaction to generally being in the house during treatment?

seriously - I object to them creeping up my arm uninvited

Methinks we have discovered why Jenny is playing 'Pirates' - she knows she has infested the flat and doesn't want any of her new mates to enjoy the good life ie her, so they are mainly biting S.

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a quarter of the bedroom has been reclaimed and three pairs of boots have gone to the valhalla of footware, and three hours has been spent scouring the internet so that at least four more pairs can retire at least not with dignaty but with some grace. I look in vain for black ankle boots that do not have too high a heel and that are pointy and that are nice. I have found combinations of at least two of these atributes but not all

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i have filled another box of circa 70 books and there seems to be very little visible difference


That is most of the crime thriller lot - lets face it, i've read them and know who dunnit

I suspect this is the point where it gets really tough

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hm, that was my first lie-in since May only slightly marred by the desperate need to visit the facilities. I shall look forward to another tomorrow morning.

today, I will be spending some time looking at the bomb site that is our abode and starting to make some harsh decisions about *stuff*. There is already a box full of about 70 books that have been culled from one of the book shelves - I fully expect that the cull will number about 250 books if not more by the time I have finished. I will be posting a list of these at some point, and also need to take pictures of same with the view to putting them on ebay, though the ebay postings won't happen until after we get back from Ireland.
I'm quite sad in a way as I love and adore books, but is the only way to make space, other than upgrading to a bigger property, which I'm sure we will do at some point but I would rather not do it just because we need more bookshelf space. Seems a tad excessive to buy a bigger place for my book collection.

oh and T-shirts too - I counted 29 in one drawer, and there are five drawers jammed full - and thats just the clean stuff that would fit in the drawer.

Personally I blame my mother and her "you'll never know when it may be useful" mentality from the post war era :)
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am currently trying to keep kev from [livejournal.com profile] dragonzgrace awake on his journey home to liverpool by sending random texts and have come up with a blinder.

Furry's and Otherkin are scary, but what if someone thought they had a moonmin trapped inside them?
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ooo found a bad thing :)

all 65 episodes of the Gummi Bears on DVD for $29

I may well indulge......
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and so we are done for another year, everything (5 thousand 700 centres)bar the re-runs(2 hundred and 70) packed ready to give to the post office tomorrow. I will be heartily glad to see the back of this lot.

Now I have three days to get my head in order before heading up to derby for the gathering and my great nephews christening next sunday. oh and three days to get them a christening pressie as i don't think a pair of latex daggers will cut it somehow.
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and the mammoth job of packing the results begins - should have brought my stepometer thingy.
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ZOD was fab as expected, but what was a little unexpected was that i was serenaded by Paul Miles ex of the nephilim. I was so gobsmacked that I gave him a beer destined for Gally.

I hope that Gally forgives my momentary weakness, tho to be fair he had disappeared at least 20 mins previous.
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I feel a major spring clean is in order especially as I can no longer fit things onto shelves, in drawers in cupboards etc. I have ignored this phenomenon for too long as I have been focusing on work and such like.

So, therefore over the next couple of weeks /months I may be posting items on LJ that for small sums people can take off my hands and clutter up someone elses home :)
Anything that sparks no interest from you lot will go on ebay, and failing that will go to the local charity shop.

The first lot will probably be books of varying different genres and sizes, but will take time to do as I have to remove ALL of them from the various shelves around the flat and sort into type/author etc. In order to do this I suspect I will need to take a couple of days off work - it took me 7 hours the last time and that was about 6 years ago. Many more books have been purchased since then :)

There should be a fair amount of crime thrillers in this lot

Anyway, now I have posted this, I might actually get my arse in gear and DO it.

Operation *reclaim flat* phase 1
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one button well and firmly pushed. Now need to get through the weekend and then I can collapse, hopefully not literally
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jenny the cat for the last week has been acting fairly oddly. It's somewhat akin to the game we played at school at the end of term in gym which was Pirates, where you jump around on various bits of apparatus without touching the floor, i'm sure you all know what I am talking about.

I just don't understand what is going on in her tiny kitten brain
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dear reader, I need your help
As some of you may know, when the tent was transported down from Liverpool, the delivery guys decided to deliver our wall sconce candelabras to somewhere in Manchester so we now have no lighting for the bergundian. I have three weeks to locate and purchase new ones. IKEA was my first port of call and has let me down. For those of you that have seen the tent, you know what I am looking for.

have any of you seen anything recently in your shopping travels.
Ideally I am looking for two wall sconces that can be attached to the poles of the bergundian, with three preferably four candle holders on each that take normal size candles.

In anticipation....

desperate from london
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that has to be the least painful trip to IKEA ever, we went to the new one where the riots were when it opened. It's actually laid out an awful lot better than the one at Brent cross, and you can take your oversize purchases straight to the car park instead of having to hang around at the drop off point.

Tho the one legged man on a scooter occupied a fair amount of our attention on the way back - at least it looked like he only had one leg - at one point I thought he was riding the scooter side saddle. Though I think he must have had the other leg tucked away somewhere as he had no crutch, which would obviously make walking a tad difficult if he did indeed have only one leg......

.....but we could only see one leg.......
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Buffalo boots now have a website with english translation on it


please pass on to anyone interested
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